Do you struggle with overwhelm and burnout? Do you have a difficult time finishing projects? Are you addicted to being busy but have a hard time getting anywhere?

One of the single most pressing issues for women in business is SELF-SABOTAGE

WHY??? Because most women are programmed to have a deep fear of being successful. 

And self-sabotage is an automatic response to that fear. As women, we possess the natural ability to multi-task and handle many moving parts simultaneously. And because we have been conditioned to define our self worth by our productivity, we somehow find ourselves, over-committed, over-looked, sometimes over-weight and overly under-appreciated. 

It’s not your fault.

More often than not, we overcompensate in our lives because in some way we are experiencing feelings of "not being good enough".

No one teaches us WHAT it actually looks like to care for, nourish and prioritize ourselves without sacrificing our work or loved ones. Or how to shift our mindset from the conditioned addiction to being burnt out and busy as a method of proving yourself to feeling safe enough to becoming confident in your work and life. 

I remember what it was like to feel this way. Emotionally exhausted from the constant hamster wheel of trying to figure out how to thrive in every area of my life, always somehow feeling I wasn't doing enough, being enough or giving enough.

Giving all of me to my work, to my family, to trying to get healthy with nothing left for myself. I couldn't seem to move forward in any area of my life because I was suffocating myself and never had any "time". 

Join me for a 21-day video coaching experience that will help you to slow down, reset your mind, body and soul to align with your personal success and overcome self-sabotage for good so that you can thrive in your life and business. 

This course is for the SOULFUL woman who:

💕  is struggling with self-doubt & inner confidence

💕 is suffering from burnout and exhaustion

💕 never completely happy with her work and fixated on flaws

💕 is looking for clarity around her calling 

💕 has difficulty setting boundaries

💕  is having a hard time knowing what she is worth

 💕 can’t seem to figure out time management

 💕 lacks motivation to complete things

💕  needs help figuring out how to bring her ideas to life

💕 suffers from perfectionism and procrastination

💕 desires a boost in her life and her business

💕 is ready to ditch imposter syndrome and feel confident enough to shine her light in the world

Take Aligned Action Now

What you will gain from this experience: 

✨  21 days of videos delivered to you! Each motivational video comes with a training, daily practices, affirmations and journal prompts

✨  How to navigate imposter syndrome so you can deal with it for good

✨  An understanding of how to manage your time properly & easy habits to help you navigate your days so you feel more balanced

✨ Mindful practices that will help boost your confidence so you SHOW UP and get visible in your life and business

✨  Tips and tricks to help you improve your self worth so you can set better boundaries & stick to them.

✨  My signature method for  processing emotions in a way that is healing versus exhausting

✨  Wellness tips & blissful rituals that support your soul in unleashing its BIGGER purpose in the world

✨  Connecting with other like minded women inside of our Soul Aligned community

✨  Start to take back the control in your life so that you are creating it versus reacting to it. 


Now is your time... 


Start your Soul Aligned Success Journey today

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  • 21 + videos
  • An email sent to you every morning with video and homework
  • Hundreds of Journal prompts & affirmations
  • A community of supportive women
  • A private Facebook group