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The Feminine Frequency

Inside This Course: 

7 in depth training videos + workbooks. 

Video One: Become Your First Priority

How to practically apply the basics of self love & move your focus back to self. 

Video Two: Drop The Struggle & Let It Be Easy

How to drop the addiction to struggle, stop attracting problems and move into the frequency of flow. 

Video Three: Do The Inner Healing For Good

Learn how to do the inner work required to let go of your self-sabotage and subconscious programming that doesn't serve you. 

Video Four: The Energy & Vibration of Femininity

Habits and practices that activate your inner goddess  

Video Five: How to Manifest Men & Money

Learn why and how you are blocking love and money in your life and open the channels to magnetizing them. 

Video Six: The Art of Being A High Value & Worthy Woman

Tips, Tricks and Secrets of a High Value Women

Video Seven: The Level After Manifesting (Keeping It All)

This will teach you how to stay away from manifesting the other shoe dropping in your life. Hint: it really can be this easy



🌹 Bonus workshop: Removing your subconscious blocks to abundance and wealth

🌹 Bonus workshop: Practical shifts to put yourself back on the pedestal

🌹 Bonus workshop: Becoming emotionally available for soul mate love