In this 120 minute workshop I will be taking you through your birth chart and how to unlock the codes of your birth chart to get in ALIGNMENT with your SOUL PURPOSE. PLUS, you will receive a 40 + page workbook to help you digest & unlock the information into practical understandings.

This  workshop is PACKED with astrological insights that you don’t want to miss this!! ✨

Inside this workshop you’re going to learn…

I will walk you through the process of how to look up your birth chart and explain the steps in detail.

You will also gain an understanding of…

  • Your cosmic signature, the mix of your main planetary placements

  • your SIGNATURE SAUCE presence and how to activate it

  • the EXACT way to hone in on your IDEAL CLIENT and locate their needs.
  • the HOUSE PLACEMENTS that tell you how you can best make money, what your work routine should look like and what working style suits you best

  • Uncover what PRODUCTS and SERVICES you can sell to your SOUL MATE CLIENTS
  • Your feminine leadership style so you can DOMINATE your marketing

  • How to show up on social media to AMPLIFY your message 

  • What income streams work best according to your planetary placements

  • How to milk your natural gifts in the workplace to BOOST YOUR BUSINESS

  • What you are meant to master and then share with the world aka Your ticket to the ideal SIDE HUSTLE

Bring your pen and notebook, this is going to be EPIC!

 **There are NO refunds for digital products

**All materials are copyrighted

$149.00 USD

Why not get inside my 21-day workshop to help reprogram your mind for business growth, SOUL ALIGNED SUCCESS! ✨