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💕  Do You Dream of Making an Impact?

💕  Are You Feeling Uncertain About Your Business Growth During The Pandemic ( & secretly wondering if you should take your business online) ?

💕  Do You Desire to Positively Effect the World with Your Story, Truth or Gifts?

💕  Do You Have a Calling In Your Heart to Spread Your Message With The Masses or Share Knowledge That Could Serve More People?

💕  Have You Hit The Glass Ceiling With Your Current Business Model?

💕 Do You Fear That If You Don’t Get Yourself Out There in a Bigger Way That You May Never Create the Income and the Impact That You Desire?

💕  Do You Want to Wake Up To Multiple Streams of Income Coming In While You Sleep?

Hi there, girlfriend! 

I remember exactly what it feels like to be living in this world and not be doing work that you truly love.

I know what it’s like to lack passion, purpose and money, to be bored out of your mind at a 9-5 job, and to know deep in your heart that you are made for more.

Not too long ago I was right where you are! 

So, Let’s start from the beginning:

In the economic crash of 2008, I was living in the heart of Beverly Hills and got laid off from my corporate job in real estate development. 

I began to find the courage to step out and start my own business. I considered taking the obvious step, putting my interior design degree to use and getting an internship at a design house (but I would have been broke), I even considered going back to cocktail waitressing (I almost applied at Lisa Vanderpump's Sur Lounge.)

Being the personal development junkie that I am, I knew there had to be a different way. A way to follow my passions and still make big money! 

So, I took the plunge and decided to start a blog! Because I was living on unemployment, trying to figure out what to do with my life and I needed a place to express my creativity. 

I learned a lot of things hard way. Like nobody actually made money from blogging, it was considered simply a "hobby". But as a young single girl living in LA, I needed to pay my rent or I'd have to move back home to Texas. 

Sometimes it sucked. But, with my grit, gumption and determination. it worked. And, the unthinkable happened.....I made money online! A lot of it! 

I created a wildly popular blog that was featured globally AND I was able to turn my blog into a thriving interior design business. 

Over time, I began to help other interior designers start and grow their own blogs and online businesses.

I quickly saw that all of my figuring it out myself, made the process a lot easier for them.

Eventually, I began creating online courses to help others do the same. 


💕 Hi! If you don't know me,

I'm Ashlina Kaposta. I’m a blogger turned online entrepreneur, multi-passion mom-boss, digital course creator, and a spiritual business coach for women entrepreneurs! 

Here's my story: 

In the late Summer of 2008, like many people, I was laid off from my job in Real Estate Development. With no idea where to turn, an economic crisis and an expensive apartment in Beverly Hills with rent to pay. 

I also had a deep desire to build a life with purpose, to do something I was passionate about. Taking another 9-5 corporate desk job was literally the last thing on earth I wanted to do.

So, I started a blog to vent about it. To express this part of me that was looking for fulfillment, looking to find something deeper to connect to and a place to share all the things I loved about decorating and interior design that my friends weren't into. My blog was called "Secrets of Domestic Bliss" and I became OBSESSED.

I blogged every single day. I blogged about my heart, my passions, it was a way to express myself in the deepest way possible. It put me in such a happy place. The happiness and boost I needed after my lay-off came through expressing my heart with the world. 

And then one day, it happened. My blog got a comment from someone besides my mom or friends. It was an actual reader, from the UK. We instantly connected, bonded and became friends. Oh, the magic of the internet. 

As I cultivated this relationship, it turned to more and more and more. I was up till 3 am most nights learning about the internet, blogging, online strategy, branding, marketing.....and I was doing this at a time when nobody I knew understand what in the world I was doing. 

With passion and persistence, 3.5 months into my blogging journey....out of the blue, I got a paycheck. From Google. It was around $1250 for the month( Omg! I actually made money on the internet!!!!!!! ). And it kept happening, month after month, 

This absolutely changed my life! 

I had no idea making money could actually be as easy as just following my passion. 

Over the last 13+ years blogging has provided me the ability to create the life & career of my dreams. I've been able to expand my passion from just a blog to multiple businesses and streams of income. 

I turned my blog into a full interior design business, moved across the country to New York City and lived out my wildest dream. 

I've continually been able to pivot my career and do things that light me up as I build my brand and online empire. I've written e-books, published books, created courses I love, created a successful interior design business and a profitable coaching platform. This year I have even expanding to an online membership and jewelry business. The potential to create what I want is endless.....all because I an ability to connect with people through the internet. 

Now, in 2020, we see more than ever, the power and the importance of pivoting to online in your business. 

Whether you are looking to expand, continue to grow or start something fresh, putting yourself out there online, in a professional way not just an instagram or other social media page.

And the exciting part is there is still unlimited potential. The internet is NOT a saturated market, I promise...your people are out there waiting for you. 

Girl, I'm here to tell you. Your wildest dreams are available for you. But you have to show up to receive them.


It's time to have your voice heard. It's time to start a blog, a go-to online space where you can show up for the world and create the impact you are yearning to! 

While social media is popular, you don't own your content and you don't own your user experience. You have a span of about 2 seconds of their time. With a blog, you are creating a home for your readers/potential customers to soak up all you have to offer. 

You have the ability and potential to create the life and business that you want so that you can go out there and live a life that fulfills you! 

Growing an online empire is easier than ever before and gives you the ability to have ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES for you and your career. 

...and the BEST part is, I am going to show you how I did it, so you can do it too. I'm diving into alllllll of the juicy secrets, tips, tricks, strategies you could ever need. Plus, I'm teaching you my mindset tricks, time management hacks and secrets that help me continually grow and evolve my brand and business so every year I rise to a new level. 

Sound good.....?

Fabulous! I'll see you inside! 

Here's the skinny on what you are going to learn. 

Module 1: THE WHY
-Branding Yourself & Your Story

-Understanding the mechanics behind the WWW & why a blog is a brilliant move.

-How to create an unforgettable title

-Logo creation & branding psychology

-Guaranteed tactics so you Can stand out in the blog space


Module 2: THE SET UP
-Getting your blog up & running

-Choosing the right platform for you.

-The most important pages & components your blog MUST HAVE

-THINK LIKE A BOSS. Mindset training for sharing and promoting your work in the world. 


-Purpose-Driven Content & Story telling

-How to create content that engages your readers

-How to create & find compelling imagery

-Content calendar creation

-my secret formula for attracting an audience who is obsessed with you.


Module 4: YOUR TRIBE
-Audience Growth & Relationship-Building

-Building a newsletter list & using it to market your offerings

-Creating an unforgettable user experience

-Tapping into your audiences core needs to keep them coming back for more.


Module 5: SALES

-How your blog can be your strongest marketing tool.

-Creating opportunity through e-commerce

-How to position your products and services.


-Understanding how to use social strategy with your blog.

-How Facebook/Instagram/Twitter can be used to support your blog

-my favorite Instagram growth strategies

-using tools to repurpose & promote your content for you.


-Search Engine Optimization, Agencies, & Tools

-Using Pinterest & other social platforms to boost your reach.



-picking up brand deals, partnerships & lucrative promotions.

-what is a media kit and how to create one.
Business Strategies & Monetization

-Affiliate Marketing (Where to get started)


Bonus: how to create your own brilliant graphics.

Bonus: Blog Growth Blueprint (time management & focusing on what actually works)


**FACEBOOK COMMUNITY to get feedback, help with names, ideas, etc.